D12 Interiors was founded in 1999 and specialises in distinctive design in the Commercial, Residential and Leisure fields. The practice is committed to the advancement of interior design through creative solutions and poetic design. D12 Interiors’ approach to its work recognizes that the requirements, which are at the core of the program, bring incisive solutions to a cutting edge design framework.

vision & philosophy

We are passionately committed to the creation of an exuberant contemporary interior design. Each project is embraced with an enthusiasm for the uniqueness of its characteristics and the project requirements. Worthy design incorporates the will of our clients and this is pursued with each project through a highly interactive approach.


Each member of our team is selected for their commitment to excellence and a willingness to uphold the standards of best practice policies. Advanced presentation & design methods are used in an active technique for the design process development in order to achieve world-class results.

our investment

A deep commitment to the standards of the firm is reaffirmed through the attainment of high educational standards. A constant upgrading of our knowledge base through the attendance of conferences, international design fares and workshops by members of our team is continuously being undertaken.