D12 Interiors is passionately committed to the creation of exuberant contemporary interior design. Each project is embraced with an enthusiasm for the uniqueness of its characteristics and our clients’ project requirements. Worthy design is pursued through a highly interactive approach.


Space Assessment

Our space assessment service answers your questions when looking at a new workspace or redesigning your current workspace; How much space you will need? How can you best utilize the space that you are currently in? How the new space will increase your employees’ dedication and productivity? We have the answers to these questions, we research the way you work, your required facilities, as well as, the future changes that you may anticipate. This research provides us with a holistic insight into your company’s needs.

Space Planning

Once you have decided on a new building or have chosen to redesign your existing workplace, we compile a furniture layout. This layout illustrates the different work and support spaces (Work-zones, collaboration, meeting areas, quiet space, canteens/ coffee stations etc.) required in your workspace.

Interior Design

Through the knowledge of human behaviour in the workplace, we provide an experiential and dynamic environment for your employees. We think about your employees, about technology, collaboration, sustainability and flexibility, looking at your brand and work culture creating a workspace that is one of a kind. We are taking into account everything from space, line, form, light, colour, texture, contrast, variety, style and proportion to design your perfect workspace. A well designed workspace improves health, happiness and productivity (Research shows up to 32%) and ultimately retains employees and appeals to clients.


We leverage our knowledge and savvy when purchasing all corresponding goods on your behalf. Our service include selecting products, furnishings, appliances, coordinating finishes and fabrics. All you need to do is approve the spreadsheet, whilst we prepare and manage purchase orders, arrange deliveries, inspections, organise installations with single or multiple vendors and review goods for acceptance.

Construction Management

The smooth co-ordination of planning, administration and execution, ensures the highest quality workmanship . We work in accordance with the correct safety standards. The entire project process from demolition, construction, furniture delivery and installation, through to final cleaning and snag resolution is managed by us.